Expansion Joint
Rainy Icicles
One Times Square
Walking Through Windows
Billboard Lip Ring
Pile of 1:24 scale folding chairs
Literal Mic Drop
Grand Central Terminal Rothko
Edgeless Billboard
Stairway to Nowhere
Shadow Profile
Roosevelt Island
The Gutter at Astor Place
BAM Cracked Paint
New Fence
Imperial Theater Balcony Rigging
Inside a Balcony
Look Up
The Moon, The Earth, and Us
Empty Sign at Madison Ave subway station
Shop Floor at Cleveland Playhouse
Yellow Jacket
Abandoned Parking Garage
Layers of History
Architectural conversation
Refracting Door Knob
Backside of a Radiator
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Under The Stage
Made In America
Spray Paint Negative Space
Airplane Wing
Dramaturgy of a Floor
Grand Central Terminal
Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Broken Home
A Parking Garage in Ohio
RFK Bridge (Triboro Bridge)
Grid of Cleveland Playhouse
Costco Parking Garage
One Times Square
Impressionistic Advertising
A Study in White
Dramaturgy of a Brick Wall
FDR Drive Cave Paintings
Coming Into Focus
Behind The Mask
Ticky Tacky Little Houses
Come Play With Us Danny....
Rear Window
Split Personality
A Study in Brown & Grey
Upstage Wall
Facade as Mask
MSG Ramp
George Washington Bridge
A River of Power
Behind The Screen
Grand Central Rothko #3
Broken Home
Manequin Trash Compactor
A Lot of Scaffolding
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